George Cruickshank Morrison 1890-1915

George Cruickshank Morrison was born in 1890 in the small Aberdeenshire village of Gamrie or Gardenstown.  He was the youngest of seven children born to mason Robert Morrison and his wife Isabella Wilson.  George grew up in Gamrie and served his apprenticeship with the local Macduff draper James Sim.  In 1908 he moved to London to work for the wholesale drapers Foster Porter & Co Ltd and, by 1911, was lodging in their premises at 47 Wood Street E.C.

In 1914 George enlisted in the 8th battalion of the Gordon Highlanders in Aberdeen.  The battalion moved to Aldershot and then, in February 1915, were sent to Bordon in Hampshire.  On Sunday 9 May, the battalion took the train from Bordon to Folkestone from where they sailed to France, landing at Boulogne on 10 May 1915.  According to the war diaries, the 8th Gordon Highlanders were the first unit of the New Armies to arrive at the front on 11 May 1915.

On 24 May the battalion moved to Armentières for instruction in trench warfare and in the afternoon marched the two miles to the trenches, where they stayed until 5:30pm the following day.  Just before the battalion left the trenches it came under fire from rifle grenades, one of which hit George Morrison and killed him instantly.

George Morrison was awarded the 1915 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

S/2217 Sergeant George Cruickshank Morrison 1890 – 25 May 1915.

We will remember them.