London Open House Saturday and Sunday 19 – 20 September

For a number of years now, we have been opening the church to visitors over the London Open House weekend, and the numbers coming through the doors have been steadily increasing.  However, this year the organisers of Open House have narrowed their criteria for buildings which can be included in their published guide, mainly as a result of the increasing numbers of buildings seeking to be included, and the increasing cost of publishing the guide.  Unfortunately, the City of Westminster has a surfeit of interesting buildings, and this year the organisers are including only Grade I listed churches.  Crown Court is Grade II listed, and in spite of our case being argued very strongly, as a unique church even in Westminster, we are not being included in the official guide this year.

However, we are giving consideration to opening the church over the weekend anyway, using our own website and other media to advertise the fact that we are open.

If we decide to go ahead, we will probably open on Saturday from 11 am until 5 pm, and on Sunday from 2 till 5 pm, and will need volunteers to act as stewards and to provide teas and coffees in the hall.  So if you would like to help, please put the dates in your diary and await further information in the church notices and on the web site.  And if you have any bright ideas about ways in which we can advertise the fact that the church is open, please send them in to the church office (  All ideas will be gratefully received!