Concerts at Crown Court

calendarpipesEach year we hold a series of concerts and recitals, featuring both instrumental and vocal performers from all over the world.

Performances take place on Wednesdays at lunchtime during spring and summer, providing a brief but precious musical escape from the office.  We also hold occasional Sunday afternoon concerts throughout the year for those with more pressing work commitments.

The size and acoustic of the church is especially good for smaller ensembles and this is reflected in many of the programmes with a strong emphasis on baroque music and solo performances.

The concerts are always of an excellent standard, frequently featuring undiscovered but highly talented performers, and are well worth hearing.

Our 2014 programme of lunchtime and afternoon concerts appears below.  For all concerts admission is free and there is a retiring collection.  Proceeds from the collections will be shared between the performers and the church.

If you would like to know more please email

Wednesday Lunchtime Concerts , 1.10 – 1.40 pm

Wed 11 Jun Thomas Allery, organ
Wed 9 Jul Emily Griffiths, soprano
Wed 13 Aug Colomb Street 5
Wind quintet
Wednesday Evening Concert at 6.00 pm
Wed 29 Oct Marije Romnes (soprano) A rose is a rose
Sunday Afternoon Concerts at 4.00 pm
Sun 29 Jun The nymphs of the Rhine
Sun 27 July Simon Gilliver – flute and Fukuo Kiyoko – piano
Sun 31 Aug Naomi Okuda, recorder, Pawel Siwczak, harpsichord.
Sun 28 Sep Flautadors
Sun 26 Oct Bell’aria
Sun 30 Nov Audite Nova

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