Stained Glass in Crown Court

Running along the east wall of the church are four windows containing 34 stained glass panels, depicting Biblical and Scottish themes and commemorating events of note. Several of the panels were designed by Michael Farrar-Bell of Clayton and Bell; in their margins you’ll find the stylised bell he used as a signature.

  • The window behind the organ console is the St Paul window, representing scenes from the life of St Paul and dedicated to Dr. Joseph Moffett and all former ministers of Crown Court Church.
  • The adjacent window has a Scottish theme, with each panel representing a famous Scot. The central panel, the John Knox Window, was dedicated in 1960 to mark the fourth centenary of the Scottish Reformation. The window above it, commemorating Robert Burns, was the first church window in the poet’s memory.
  • The window second from the back depicts women of the Bible, including Mary, Martha, Ruth and Esther.
  • The final window has a number of panels dedicated to Celtic saints, including Ninian, Columba (Columcille) and Aidan. The panel at the top right was created in 1990 upon the centenary of the Woman’s Guild, and shows Lady Frances Balfour and Lady Victoria Campbell, presidents of the Guild and influential figures in the early 20th century history of Crown Court Church.