Minister’s holidays

The Minister is on holiday from Monday 29 July to Wednesday 21 August.  Urgent pastoral care matters will be dealt with by Reverend Angus McLeod at St Columba’s Church (020 7584 2321).  Other matters should be referred to the church office (020 7836 5643), or the Session Clerk, Peter Esslemont.

Church lunches

Please note that there will be no church lunches during August.  We will start serving lunches again on Sunday 1 September.

Having lost several of our regular teams, we are now struggling to provide lunches every Sunday.  Please give serious consideration to whether or not you could help with this very important service to members and visitors alike.  The lunch conveners, Cheryl Cuthbert and Marlene Tyler, would be very pleased to hear from you and to give you advice about what is needed.