Free Church Choirs Festival Service

Southern Section Festival

Saturday 25th October, 2014

The Free Church Choirs Southern Section Festival Service will be held at Crown Court on Saturday 25th October when we will sing a selection of the music from the Peterborough (2013) anthem book.

The choir will be directed by Peter J Williams with a rehearsal on the Saturday afternoon from 2 o’clock, a General Meeting in the interval and the opportunity to eat a picnic tea (or go out for a meal) before the service at 6.30 pm.   The service will be led by Rev Philip Majcher, the Minister of Crown Court.

The subscription for the day will be £5 to include tea, coffee or juice available from 1.30 pm and before the service.

We will be singing all but two anthems and one hymn from the Peterborough book (copies will be available at £2) to ensure the service lasts about an hour which should allow most to be home shortly after 9 o’clock.