Prisons Mission

Over the past year Churches Together in Westminster have been running a pilot project for CTiW Prisons Mission.  This has been judged to be a success with modest but encouraging progress recorded by participants and churches.  It has therefore been decided to make small but significant extensions to the initiative.  At present three churches take part – Farm Street Jesuit Centre (RC), St James’s Piccadilly and St George’s Hanover Square (CofE) – and one prison, HMP Wandsworth.  The plan is to include up to six more churches of different denominations and traditions and two more of the huge London prisons – HMPs Pentonville and Wormwood Scrubs.

Crown Court has been asked to consider becoming involved in this project, and the Kirk Session discussed the matter at its meeting on 25 June.  It was agreed to extend an invitation to members of the congregation to consider whether or not they would wish to take part in the project.  Further information on the project can be found in the first issue of the CTiW Newsletter, copies of which are available in the hall and on their website at

If you are interested, please speak to the Minister in the first instance.