2017 Crown Court Concert Series

This year’s concert series kicks off on Saturday 1 April, with a recital by Ensemble Hesperi, including our own Mary-Jannet Leith on recorders, and Thomas Allery on harpsichord.  The programme, entitled ‘Telemann’s Travels in his own Words and Music’, marks 250 years since Telemann’s death in 1767, and celebrates one of the most prolific composers of all time.  With music interspersed between extracts from his fascinating memoirs, the programme explores Telemann’s musical education and influences, and his travels.  We look forward very much to a virtuoso performance to start the concert series, with further concerts on the first Saturday of every month through to October.  Further details will be available soon.

Georg Philipp Telemann by Georg Lichtensteger.jpg
By Georg Lichtensteger – http://diglib.hab.de/wdb.php?dir=portrait/a-21703, Public Domain,
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