Sole Nominee

Sole Nominee

Advance notice is hereby given that the individual to be proposed by the Nominating Committee as Sole Nominee for Crown Court Church of Scotland will preach on Sunday 5th December 2021 at 11.15am.  Please make every effort to attend this Church service. 

Immediately after the service there will be a vote as to whether or not this individual should be appointed as the new minister of the congregation of Crown Court.  Anyone whose name appears on the Electoral Register of the congregation and is in attendance on Sunday 5th December shall be entitled to vote.  No one else shall be entitled to vote. 

A Walk Through the Bible

The Bible contains many stories – but do you ever wonder how all they all hang together, and if there is a ‘big story’ that all the little ones contribute to? And how do our own stories fit into the big one?

For many years Lance has led this 4-week course for people interested in baptism, confirmation, church membership – or just a refresher course in the faith and how it relates to our modern world.

Interested? Please let him know or the church administrator know. All are welcome!’